The power of lens technology

Our patented unibody lens system is designed to create a comfortable immersive viewing experience with minimal eye-strain.

Picture of the lenses on top of eachother
The lens features a unique combination of spherical and prismatic power to make short distance full screen magnification possible.
Image of the lense being held
Designed with focus on versatility and quality.

Quality Optics

By using Japanese high quality PMMA, we ensure that the materials used in the production is of utmost quality, allowing a crisp and distortion-free focus. The lens is designed to be versatile and has excellent quality with any interpupillary distance (IPD).

Unibody system

To make an optical system that is compatible with countless existing full screen use cases the lenses have a prismatic system compensating for the distance to the width of the screen.

A drawing of a convetional split system
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With regular lenses the screen has to be split in two and duplicated to show a single image.
A drawing of the immerse optics lense system
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With Immerse Optics unibody lens system, the entire full screen can be viewed at once without causing eye-strain.


Combining prismatic and spheric powers into a single lens system allows view of the whole screen.
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What makes the system compatible with countless screens?

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The importance of good optics

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Value creation

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