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MovieMask series

After having been to the movie theatre in 2016, Harald Manheim and Eirik Walstrøm were inspired to try to recreate the experience on smartphones, so that they could have the same cinematic experience anywhere, at any time.

Thus, MovieMask was born: developed and designed as a head-mounted display solution in which the mobile screen was enlarged through a specially designed optical lens that compensated for the close-up viewing distance. By combining the two components MovieMask recreated the theatre viewing experience.

Winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2017.
Picture of MovieMask

“The MovieMask allows you to block out all light and lets you immerse in the contents played from your phone. Together with some noise canceling headphones, you're basically in another world.”

- International Business Times, June 2020



In 2018, the successful entrepreneurs entered a new market; Augmented Reality. With the launch of MagiMask, the world's first, high definition, easy-to-use, immersive Augmented Reality Headset had been born. The MagiMask has physical tracker objects, that allow users to easily interact with the digital world in new ways. 
Picture of MagiMask

“The MagiMask may look like a lot of mobile VR headsets, but the main difference comes in its lens system. Rather than using dual lenses, the MagiMask uses a single lens that retains all the pixels from your phone's display while also being immersive.”

- Wareable, October 2018



In spring 2021, the MagiMask was discovered by drone enthusiasts.
Sales increased rapidly, and the team thus decided to give the drone pilots their own mask: DroneMask®. The DroneMask is revolutionary to drone pilots, as it lets them fly FPV with any camera drone. With the DroneMask, drone pilots can see details in a high-resolution FPV manner while either doing aerial photography, cinematography or monitoring and viewing things aerially.
Picture of DroneMask

“I don’t think I could do without it flying my drone. Very happy with it.”

- DroneMask customer, Januray 2022


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