Enabling immersive experiences


Immerse Optics aims to give people sensational experiences using its patented lens technology.


The lens

Designed specifically for replacing split-screen viewing of smartphones and small screens in head-mounted displays. The lens can enable immersive experiences in countless 2D applications such as an FPV solution for drones, watching 2D movies on Netflix or immersing yourself in high definition Augmented Reality content. 

A picture of DroneMask
The lenses combine spherical and prismatic power in one optical system for comfortable full screen viewing of screens at a short distance.

Creative solutions

With our products MovieMask, MagiMask, and DroneMask, we have enabled immersive content to more than 20 000 satisfied customers. Made with quality materials, our Red Dot Design Award-winning masks are both comfortable and stylish.

A picture of MagiMask
Immerse yourself in any content on your smartphone. Your imagination is the only limit.

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