Merging the Real and Virtual Worlds.

Using a smartphone as the display, our AR headset seamlessly merges the real and virtual worlds to create an immersive experience.

Bilde av insiden til DroneMask-en, som viser en grønn skog.
MagiMask delivers a fully immersive augmented reality experience in stunning high definition. Compatible with any smartphone and AR app, our innovative lens technology provides a resolution that is four times greater than traditional VR headsets.

Interact with the Digital World in New Ways.

  • Superior Visual Clarity
    Experience unmatched visuals with our unibody lens system that boasts 4x the resolution of traditional split-screen VR headsets.
  • Ergonomic Comfort
    The MagiMask's design is focused on prolonged usage, with soft face padding and an adjustable focal lenght.
  • Universal Fit and Play
    No fussing around with third-party apps. MagiMask seamlessly works with all applications, and accommodates smartphones up to 17cm in length.
MagiMask is an immersive, high resolution Augmented Reality headset optimized for smartphones.

Here being used at a Theatre experience.

“Augmented reality on smartphones like you've never seen it before."

"This high-quality headset is a great way to start experiencing AR content. You get an unhindered view of the action, and it’s super affordable."
- Gadget Flow

“The MagiMask may look like a lot of mobile VR headsets, but the main difference comes in its lens system. Rather than using dual lenses, the MagiMask uses a single lens that retains all the pixels from your phone's display while also being immersive.”
- Wareable


How does the MagiMask work?

technical drawing without the patented lense

Which phones are the MagiMask compatible with?

technical drawing without the patented lense

Does it fit glasses?

technical drawing without the patented lense

What is Augmented Reality?

technical drawing without the patented lense

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