The team behind the optics

Our team's competance spans from optometry and wave physics to marketing, business and consumer psychology. We employ a lean strategy to always meet consumer needs.

Picture of the founders
Immerse Optics was founded in 2016 under the name "MovieMask" by Eirik Wahlstrøm and Harald Manheim.

Our story

After a trip to the movies to watch “The Hateful eight” in San Fransico back in 2016, our founders Eirik Wahlstrøm and Harald Manheim noticed how extremely more powerful the experience is when you're in a cinema, compared to when you watch a movie on your phone.

They realized that what smartphones have given us in portability, has been lost in experience. Thus, the MovieMask came to life after an enormous amount of prototyping, with the objective to provide full-screen immersive experiences on smartphones. MovieMask had great success from its first operating year; the first product got funded by nearly 300% and shipped to over 30 countries across all continents.

Knut Evanger med linsen
The patented lens was developed in collaboration with Knut Evanger, Ph.D. in Optics.

The patented lens was developed by Knut Evanger, Ph.D. in Optics. The MovieMask team soon discovered that the lens could provide value in multiple sectors. In 2018, MovieMask began providing AR experiences using its patented lens. Today, the recently released DroneMask is being used by thousands of drone pilots around the globe.

Our identity has evolved since 2016 as our patented lens is being used in an increasing amount of sectors. Following this development, the company presented its new identity in 2021: Immerse Optics.


Picture of Mari
Mari Wettergreen
Customer success

Board and dedicated investors

Picture of the founder, Eirik.
Eirik Wahlstrøm
Picture of the second founder, Harald.
Harald Manheim
Trond Riiber Knudsen
CEO, TRK Group
Former McKinsey
Tom Arnøy
Founder and CEO, Zedge
Tronn Skjerstad
Investor & entrepreneur
Richard Robinson
Investor & entrepreneur
Chris Rynning
CEO, nHack
Gustav Witzøe
CEO, GMW Group
Thomas Berglund
CEO, Ocular
Øystein Skiri
Founder, Boostcom
Erik Treiborg
Investor & entrepreneur
Ingrid Skrede
Co-Founder & CMO, Ludenso
Marianne Wahlstrøm
CEO at Stiftelsen Radarveien
Silvija Seres